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Implementing Mergers & Acquisitions Effectively

In this episode of the Grawe Pod, we will explore a very important aspect of mergers and acquisitions as the M&A activity is once again heating up in the transportation industry. Grawe Pod hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall discuss the subject of mergers and acquisitions from the perspective of having a plan for implementation […]

Preparing for Emergencies: The Unexpected and the One-Offs

One of the realities of transportation and logistics is that companies will encounter emergency situations. During this episode of the Grawe Pod, hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall of the Grawe Group discuss the importance of being prepared and having the proper planning in place when unexpected events, one-off situations and emergencies arise. Doug and […]

Discussing Cybersecurity: How Prepared Is Your Company?

There is no question that world events are raising the profile of cyber attacks even higher. Big and small trucking companies can be targets for attacks. In this edition of the Grawe Pod, Nate Johnson from GLCS joins podcast hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall to discuss cybersecurity, preventing issues and responding to events.

Win 2022 With A Good Start In Q1

It’s the start of a new year and you have big plans for 2022. In the first episode of 2022, the Grawe Pod will be examining a few key questions trucking executives should be asking at the beginning of the year, including: What action are you going to take in Q1? What are you going […]

Using December & January Wisely

As the year draws to a close, the Grawe Pod takes a look at the value of using the little December and January downtime to work on your business. Your podcast hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall discuss how December and January can offer a chance to lift your head out of the day-to-day. Doug […]

Nuclear Verdicts: Preventing the Accident

In our latest episode, podcast hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall discuss the headline-grabbing topic of nuclear verdicts in trucking. As you will hear, nuclear verdicts can be prevented in 3 ways: (1) investing in a robust, proactive defense that tells your safety story to the jury; (2) advocating for reasonable reforms of litigation rules […]

Good Maintenance Programs

In this episode, Mary Akhavan from FleetNet America joins the Grawe Pod to discuss good maintenance program ideas for carriers. You will hear podcast series hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall talk with Mary about roadside assistance, preventative maintenance and the importance of using data to reduce maintenance expenses. Also, during this episode, Doug and […]

Looking Around the Corner

Recorded on August 19, this episode of the Grawe Pod places a focus on the importance for transportation and logistics companies to make time for looking around the corner and to consider what needs to be done going forward to improve your business for the road ahead. Trucking industry veterans and your podcast hosts Doug […]

Filling The People Pipeline: Recruiting & Retaining Talent for Non-Driving Positions, Part 3

In part 3 of our series focusing on the “People Pipeline” and our discussion focused on recruiting and retaining non-driving employees, we are joined by Maggie Debner, the founder of HR MD (mwdebner@gmail.com). Our conversation with Maggie is focused in the importance of developing and retaining internal talent. As you’ll hear during the podcast, Maggie […]