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The Board Room as an Asset, Part 2

In Part 1 of our series on turning your board of directors into an asset, not a meeting obligation we talked about the importance of separating the roles of the shareholders, the directors, and the executive leaders. In Part 2 below we explain how to identify and create an effective board to help your business […]

Preventing Nuclear Verdicts: Pushing for Lawsuit Reform

$411 million. This week a Florida jury awarded $411 million to one individual injured in a motor vehicle accident against a one-truck trucking company. The motorcyclist was severely and permanently injured, and likely deserved compensation from the trucking company. But $411 million? Where does it end? Business owners today rightfully lament the nuclear verdicts hitting […]

The Board Room as an Asset, not an Obligation

Q4 is kicking off for many businesses right now. For many businesses this time is consumed by the final push to make the year’s financial goals, dust off those grand initiatives from earlier in the year and take care of end of year tasks like board meetings. When you think about your board meeting, do […]

US DOL’s Proposed IC Rule

Earlier this week the US Department of Labor announced a notice of proposed rulemaking about independent contractor status. The proposal would put into rule a 5-factor test for determining whether a worker is an independent contractor. That 5-factor test is known as an Economic Realities test. The public now has 30 days to offer comments […]