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Q1 Is Over, How Is Your Business Positioned For The Rest of 2024?

Recorded just two days following the end of Q1, Grawe Pod hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall collaborate on an important discussion covering several key points that trucking and logistics decision makers should consider as they evaluate their company’s performance. What Doug and Gary cover will help as decision makers plan ahead for the remainder […]

Does Your Trucking Company Have A Succession Plan?

 The recent headlines with the news of leadership changes at two of the nation’s largest trucking and logistics companies helped to place the topic of succession planning for your trucking company back into the spotlight. In this episode, podcast host Doug Grawe addresses the key questions that trucking companies need to ask when building […]

So Long 2023 (and Good Riddance???), Hello 2024!

In this year-end edition of the Grawe Pod, series host Doug Grawe goes to the bullpen to call on series producer and trucking industry veteran Greg Thompson from the PodWheels Network to join him on the microphone. As you’ll hear, Greg asks Doug to discuss the top challenges trucking and logistics companies faced in 2023. […]

The Value of Trucking Dashboards

In this episode, podcast hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall highlight the power and purpose of good performance dashboards for trucking and logistics companies. Doug and Gary will discuss how the use of dashboards can offer companies an important advantage through knowing your fundamentals better than the competition and showing that you have the people […]

Yellow, its Impact, and More Industry News Making Impacts

  Grawe Pod hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall dedicate this episode to examine some of the biggest headlines and trends happening this summer, including the impact of Yellow’s closing on its people and the industry. Doug and Gary also discuss what’s taking place these days with driver recruiting and retention efforts. You’ll also hear […]

Planning: What Do We Need To Do To Reach Our Goals?

 With the midway point in 2023 on the horizon, the Grawe Pod has dedicated an episode to examine several key questions related to longer range planning and maintaining a focus on reaching your company’s goals. Podcast hosts Doug Grawe and Gary Randall discuss the importance of planning and asking the right questions, including the […]

Driver Qualifications & The Driver Qualification Process

In today’s transportation landscape, trucking companies are crunched by the prevalence of nuclear verdicts, the shortage of quality drivers, and multiple viewpoints from Operations, Safety, & Recruiting. With this episode of the Grawe Pod, Doug Grawe and Gary Randall are back to talk about driver qualification guidelines and the qualification process. Doug and Gary explore […]

Age-Old Question: IC Fleet, Employee Fleet or Mixed Fleet?

For our first episode of 2023, the Grawe Pod addresses one of the oldest questions facing a trucking company: Should we go with an independent contractor fleet, an employee fleet or a fleet that utilizes both ICs and employee drivers? Podcast host Doug Grawe is joined by Grawe Group Executive Business Partner Gary Randall for […]